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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Yesterday I finally put my oil filter back on my car, I made a crude mount, once I get my oil burner going I'm gonna cast one out of aluminum

Then earlier today I cut off the deck lid that had the hole in it to clear the exhaust, I was afraid water was gonna get into the air cleaners, I had one from my 66 Bug, then a friend gave me one that is just like it except the snout was gone, so I cut the snout off the 66 air cleaner to match, when it rained I'm purty sure it would go right into them, now it would almost need to rain up in order to get into them, I checked them a few days ago & it didn't have any water in them, but I don't wanna wait until it does before doing something about it
In the future I may make a longer snout for them, until then I have some thin shop vac filters that I'm gonna put over them to keep them from sucking in dust &/or water

Once I weld a piece on the cut edge to stiffen it up, I'm gonna paint some fire under the vent slots to match the front
I need to put the street tires back on it, I guess I'll wait until next Spring now that Summer is getting close to an end, those & the rear bumper/cage make it look to much like a Baja, think I'm gonna build another bumper/cage that goes better with the body lines that doesn't have such square looking corners, as well as swapping the rear trailing arms to lower it back down 4 inches, I just need to fabricate some lower shock mounts so I can keep the air shocks on it, it rides so smooth with them, I can actually buy eggs at the store & get home without them becoming scrambled

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