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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Why Thank ya's

Well my dadgum desk top computater decided to crap out on me again, soon I'm forced to use my hand-held computater (yeah I like to make my own silly words up for stuff similar to the real name but with a bit of stupid humar, (I have a rather wide variety of the definition of funny & stupid if ya's haven't noticed)) I do like how the lines are only 3 to 4 words long, it makes it easier for me to read because the one imneosoppresant (anti-rejection med) causes tremmors & my eyes kind a twitch (imagine reading while riding in a car going over a series of speed bumps about 20" apart, when I first started taking them I could a got a job as a paint can shaker, my boys would laugh when I was trying to eat peas or corn,the spoon would have 1 piece on it by the time I got it to my mouth ), when I read I hafta hi-lite sentences so I don't lose track of what I'm reading
I prolly should try using the speak-n-text out, but then the spelling wouldn't be as funny, I already dislike the auto spellpecker.... I mean spell checker, took me 3 tries to type computater & spellpecker, but now they're in my dicktionary

As ya's may have noticed, I have an issue with engineers who are
A- fresh out of school & are over thinking the job, (I really feel bad for those guys because eventually they turn out to be great at their job(that's why I always made sure to look at the person's name who did the print for future reference))
B- They haven't ever touched or worked with anything mechanical, if their 2 year old lawn mower wouldn't start & wasn't out of gas (some may not have even checked the gas because they have more money than brains & go buy a new one), didn't think to check the spark plug, so they just buy a new one

That's a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea

About the lawn mower comment, about 18 years ago when our oldest son was 12, our next door neighbors son who was in his mid 20's & knew absolutely nothing about cars except you had to put gas in them when the gauge got to E spent 10 or so minutes trying to start the lawn mower, he did get the gas can & added gas, it still wouldn't start, he got fed up, the next morning being trash day pushed it out to the curb, then asked my son if he wanted to make $20 to cut the grass, he jumped at the thought of a 20, I only gave him $10 to cut ours & I made him bag it, trim & sweep up, the guy next door thinking he was gonna get our mower to cut it went down & pushed their's up under our car-port, Paul said "good luck with that" my son asked me for my tools, I got my little socket set out & he proceed to do what he had watched me do almost every spring, he pulled out the spark plug & took a lil tooth brush sized wire brush & cleaned it up a bit, dipped it in the gas caps lid with a lil gas in it, put it back in, pulled the rope twice & nothing happened, I seen Paul kind a smile, he pulled it a 3rd time & the mower fired right up, Paul's lil smile slid off his face faster than an egg slides off them fancy new nifty ceramic skillets, Justin pushes Paul's trash mower over & proceed to the grass

He cut their grass & started cutting a few other neighbors yards with that mower he took out of the trash until he was 16, oh yeah, 2 years later he started charging $25 a yard & made everyone buy their own gas

He was one hell of a sales negotiater, he could sell an eskimo a freezer

I'll get back to the car soon, I'm gonna start to fix all the rough spots, cast a couple of those Flaming VW emblems like the one I did a while back last year, but I'm gonna make a left & a right, depending on how well they turn out, or even with a few imperfections to fit the "Rat Rod" look, hell I may even make a couple extras

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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