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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So for the last 10 days I've been talking it easy, I've had a transmission laying next to my car waiting to be put in, the engines been out waiting patiently for me to put it back in, I've averaged about an hours worth of work on the days I do work on it, I got transmissions switched & started getting things ready to put the engine in, I cut a piece of 2 by 12 about 40" long & put some heavy duty casters on the ends, I did that because I was tired of trying to pull the jack & engine back away from the car without it tipping one way or another, I can also get the jack out from under it & be able to roll it around, I think I'm gonna take another cradle/pad & bolt it to the wood so the board can't slide around on the jack, I also nailed some 1 by 2 boards on the top of the board on each side of the case sump so the engine can't slide around either

Friday I had my brother walk down to help me set the engine on the board, then this yesterday I put it in & tightened it down, this afternoon I'll hook up the fuel line, the accelerator cable & the wires, shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes, I may even take it for a drive

Here's a pic of the board with the 2 ton casters under it, like I said, they're heavy duty, I could set the car on it & skate board it any place I want

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