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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So I finally got my Volksrod back together & took it for a test drive up to the end of my street & back, it's only about 500 feet, I was able to get it into 4th gear but only for a few feet, everything seems to work ok, I won't know for sure until I can get it out for a longer ride but the registration expired & I won't be able to get it until Friday next week, I learned many many years ago not to even try to take it any further because I will get stopped & end up with a ticket & won't be able to aford to renew the registration
I did however think I did something wrong because it was shaking purty bad almost like it had a square tire on it, after a quick look around the car I noticed one of the rear tires had a purty nice sized bulg in it, these 2 tires are only about 5 years old & couldn't have but 5000 miles on them, so I had to dig around in my garage to find 2 tires on wheels, I found 3 sets that held air, one set was from one of my S10 Blazers with the alloy wheels that say 4X4 on them but one tire was almost bald, I chose the snow tires I had on the back of it before I put the tires that are on it now, they're on0
plain black wheels, I did find one baby moon hubcap for it, I know I had two of them at one time, I just can't seem to find the other one
The third set I found are off the back of my buggy, they've been sitting since 1997, the last 4 years they've been sitting on the ground with my Buggy chassis sitting on top of them, they're both flat, but to my surprise they held air, they just aren't meant to be street tires, they're 10" by 15" Ground Hawgs with a pretty aggressive mud tread on them, I just can't believe they still hold air, I got them used in 1994

I'm gonna see if I can find one baby moon hubcap for a 15" wheel, found 4 on Craigslist but they're for 14" wheels

Here's a few pics of what I put on & what I have on it

Here's the Blazer wheels, I could put all 4 of them on IF I had tires for them

Here's the ground hawgs that I'm not even sure I'd trust off road

So this weekend I'll see how everything goes with the transmission, wish me luck

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