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Default Re: I aquired another VW

I didn't know flowers were a source of ptvower, we'll I take that back, it can be the power/fuel for love

That reminds me of a story about Trina my wife while we were dating, it was the spring of 1985, I didn't have a drivers license at the time, they were under suspension do to the point system, 12 points and you loose them for 6 months (in total I went from 8 points to 18, the last 10 were from one incident, if ya wanna know the details just ask)
So one beautiful Saturday afternoon during I walked to Trina's house, we started walking somewhere, just around the corner from her house was a house with the most beautiful flower garden, a mid 70's to early 80's woman lived there alone, we'll Trina says to me, "Ronnie, look at the pretty tulips", I said "yeah, they aren't nearly as beautiful as you" (I was trying he he he) she says "will you go get me one", I said "sure", the neighbor next door was pulling out of his driveway, I said "wait till he's gone", meanwhile I get out my knife to cut a few off for her, she says "no, no, just dig one up and I'll take it home and plant it" so as the car goes around a slight curve in the road I walk up and use my knife to dig up one tulip bulb, we start back towards her house which just happened to be the same direction the neighbor was going, when we get to the corner here comes the guy in his car, I didn't think he saw me, but he did, he made feel terrible, I mean I just wanted to disappear instantly, he says "I can understand you trying to give your girlfriend a flower, but to dig one up is just being rotten, that's all that women has is her flowers"
So I walked back alone and planted it back where I dug it up from, then the guy made me knock on her door and apologize, I did, then I went a step farther, she hadn't watered them yet that day, so I watered all her flowers, over the next few weeks that spring when I walked to Trina's house if she was out I would always offer to help her, she excepted a few times, I didn't have to do much, but twice she rewarded me with a few fresh cut flowers for Trina, I really enjoyed the few times I did help her with her flower garden, reminded me of helping my grandma who had died 2 years before, Trina only got to meet her once, but it was in a nursing home shortly before she passed, she most likely didn't realize who she was due to an inoperable brain tumor, they would have loved each other
By the way, it took a few years before I would even buy her any flowers

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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