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Default Re: I aquired another VW

This is a warning I decided to add after writing a 3 to 4 chapter story as to what I did starting Saturday and ending this evening about 5 o-clock pm

So this morning I got off to an early start, seems I had better start taking advantage of the longer day light hours, before ya know it October will be here and it's time to set the clocks back and it starts getting dark at 5:45 in the evening
I've had the rear wheels off my Volksrod for a while now because a belt spun, snapped or something on one side, I didn't like the tires anyway, they were 235/60's, just not tall enough for me, so I took them off, yeah I change all my Volksrod tires by hand, we'll that is unless I would happen to buy brand new tires, it only takes me about 20 to 25 minutes to get both tires off the wheels
I decided to change the color of the wheels as well, back when I put the Oldsmobile wheels on the back ones were red, so I just repainted them red, the front wheels are 14" off of another Cutlass I had, they were gold, (gonna repaint them tomorrow) I didn't care for them so while back I bought 2 rattle cans of blue, that's my favorite color, I sometimes refer to myself as having the blues
I cleaned them up as good and fast as I possibly could, set them out in the sun and took my leaf blower and blew the fuck out of them till they were good n dry, I then proceeded to put 3 good coats of blue paint on them, that didn't take long, it was an almost perfect day for painting, the sun dried the purty good between coats, than after the 3rd and last coat I let them sit in the sun for almost 3 hours before putting the tires on, that was a 20 minute job for both including airing them up, I use the starting fluid method to seat the beads, I've gotten good at changing tires over the last 35 years
Breaking the bead was always the toughest part, I did use an old bumper jack from cars back in the 60's and 70's I can't use them now because I don't have any big heavy cars, I was using my engine hoist, I would chain the arm that raises to the bottom just high enough to get a tire and bumper jack under it, jack it up until it pushed the bead off the seat, it sometimes took several attempts, we'll I have a Harbor Freight bead breaker a friend bought, he said it didn't work, I tried it a couple times with no luck, got to looking at it, the used one of my car ramps to set the wheel and tire at an angle and it worked better, but still not right, so Sunday I took an 1/8" by 1" wide by about 12" long piece of metal and then used my JYH (Junk Yard Hammer AKA Power Hammer for Blacksmith work) I used it to beat the very edge of the piece of steel until it was curved and at the same curve as a 15" and 14" wheel, then welded it to the part that pushes the bead section of the tire down off that part of the wheel, it only took about 4 or 5 minutes to do both tires, I'll put pics up after I show ya's what the one rear wheel looks like, I just need to get some tire cleaner and clean them up (my grandpa used black shoe polish when I was about 10 years old, I don't have any )

Here's the one wheel n tire, I have both ready to go on in the morning, I gonna cast and machine me some cool centers for these wheels, I hope I can do it before next year

I guess I'll hafta mask the front tires because I'm not taking them off, altho one is getting bald so I could just paint the tire n all

So here's my tire bead breaker, it's a Harbor Freight special, you really can't see what's under the car ramp, just some square bar stock, some 1/4" by 1" maybe, a curved piece of angle iron that's curved to fit a wheel about 24 inches in diameter, then the long handle to pull down on to break the bead, I use a piece of heavy pipe for more leverage, you can also see the piece I bugger welded to the angle, before it being so far off from the radius of the wheel it would just slip right off and wanna piss you off, but I quit getting mad a cheap tools that don't work right and re-engineer them so they do work, the next thing is to dig out some scrap iron and weld it at the angle of the ramp, I'm probably gonna add a large coarse double start acme threaded rod so the wheel can't be pushed away as it wants to do
Pics below

I do have two, possibly 3 weld beads that didn't turn out half bad, they're just so hard to see do to how crappy the rest of it looks, as long as it holds I'll be happy
I know ya's won't believe me, but I could weld really good up until about 5 years ago, I think it has a lot to do with it being a 120 volt mig with a 15% duty cycle, that and I have cateracts I need to get removed before the end of the year, I can weld much better on a welder with a 100% duty cycle, I just don't have access to it like I did, I do need to clean all the contacts on my Hobart 220 volt stick welder, I believe it's 240 amps

Sorry for writing a 3 chapter story about my tire tool and painting my wheels, I like them so much better than when they were red, it will also match the color of my Volksrod, mostly black from the doors to the rear and the front with the many different shades of blue flames
Oh yeah, body work is next, I don't like doing body work, I'd rather get greasy

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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