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Default Re: Project "YellowFunk" begins!

Wow... I knew it had been a long time since I did anything to YellowFunk but dang! Last June?
For some reason I got fired up today... maybe the first full day of sunshine when I was off work. I pulled the stock beam and prepped my 2" turned beam for 2.5" drop spindles. I am past the age of driving down the road looking like I am having a siezure in my car as I convulse due to no suspension. I am hoping this combo gets me low but smooooooooooooooth as I roll this as a daily driver. Many thanks to those that got back to me about a hiccup in the install I had.... you know who you are. All is well and waiting on ball joints to get pressed and I will be putting this thing back together. In the mean time, I hope to reseal the motor and get my tires mounted on my stock chromies...
Nothing picture worthy today, but soon.

Edit: the 2" narrowed beam turned out to be junk. I got another beam and started over, building a 4" narrowed beam.
... don't be a lurker talking about what you are "gonna do" to your car.

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