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I agree, there isn't any point in it at all, IMHO. The whole process of peaking doberman ears for example is just...well...fucking cruel. Add to the irresponsible breeding that goes on and I get really pissed off. I refuse to watch the kennel club shows they have on Animal Planet. I mean, atleast a human supermodel can get out of the business if they want to, a show dog has no choice. They are an object, not a pet or companion. Pisses me off. Yes, we have two purebreds but that was by chance, not choice. At least the redbone is a young breed (only goes back about 100 years) so there are no know genetic health issues for her, but the basset are suspect to hip issues. I happen to love hounds (blueticks, black&tans, bloods, etc) and think they have a wonderful appearance, but it is the personality of those breeds that really attract me. That being said, give me a mutt any friggin' day of the year.

Hybreds are an entirely different story. Xena was great, but I think mixing a domestic pet with a wild animal is a BAD BAD idea. She had a bunch of issues that had absolutely nothing to do with her genetics and everything to do with her sadistic abuse, but some of her traits from her breeding did require some special care and attention. The prancing instead of walking and howling instead of barking were unique and fun (at times) but she would attack without a sound or overt warning. If you knew her, you could see the signs that she was on a hairtrigger, but the usual obvious signs of an upset dog were not there. No growling. No barking/snarling/raising of hair on the back. Her ears would flatten and her tail would droop slightly, very much like a dog entering into a submissive state. If you assumed that, you were in trouble. She would also kill instantly. The times she caught woodchucks, turkeys, etc, there was no drama to it. She grabbed the neck, clamped and ground until it went limp, dropped it and moved on. Very cold and calculating. I would not have trusted her around small children. I loved her, but I would not go and seek out another hybred.
Ok, I guess I should get off my altar here, sorry for the rant.
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