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Originally Posted by carcentric
Must be a real caring owner to have the conversation with his dog: "Tomorrow, we're going to have your tail cut off. It'll hurt and serve no purpose in your life with us, but you'll look SO fine with a stump . . . really, you'll look kewl in a pathetic way."

There doesn't seem to be any way I can imagine to tell if a pup's daddy had been mutilated or not - isn't it the bloodline you're concerned about? I'd think a purebred who's had a leg amputated is still a purebred, but then I really like dogs . . . .

PS: It's the practice I'm upset with, Scott, not your explanation.
I understand your post, Doc, and I don't take it that way at all.

I love dogs but I'm no expert, although we have owned as many as five at one time.
We currently have three.

I don't really even consider myself a "dog person" but my wife and her family are. Her late father especially was, being a big time rabbit hunter. In addition to the Beagles he used for hunting, they had many other breeds as pets.

I was just trying to point out that many of the things you see done to dogs were once done for a `real' reason, even the silly looking cuts you see on show Poodles, even if the dog is no longer used in that role.

No, none of it has anything to do with bloodlines. By "breed standards" I meant either what has come to be expected in the appearance of certain breeds or by kennel club/show standards. I not sure but I don't think any kennel clubs dictate docking or cropping but I think they do require certain cuts on specific breeds.

Personally, I like the look of Boxers and Dobermans with their natural ears and tails.
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