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Default Re: Dub-N-Aire is off the paper into the garage!

WOW! Thanks! I want to thank my Mom and Dad,,,,and my manager, and uh...gee I never thought I would win....I mean, I would 'a prepared something....oh this is so embarrassing...
Do I have to buy everybody cigars or send a Pizza Hut pizza to everybody's house?

Seriously - Thanks!

I worked on some more venting tonight - think it looks pretty good (and I am my own worst critic!) ..thoughts?
small 12 02-09-09 010 vent.jpg

Geez - it weighs about 11,000 tons! I won't have to lower the rear with 2 of 'um!

Ran out of 3/8" round have to make a metal run on lunch tomorrow....
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