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Default Re: Dub-N-Aire is off the paper into the garage!

Originally Posted by vwhabit View Post
Got a little bit done vent tacked in.
Purdy happy with it (I should be it took so darn long to figure out how to do it the way I wanted!) - Maybe more tomorrow......
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I appreciate all the kind words and inspiration! You guys keep me stoked! Oh...I also appreciate the bad stuff too.(not as much though!).... but it does inspire me to do better.
The grills look great. Nice shape and proportion.... thing I might have done different is move them up the decklid a bit further to try to balance the space from the front edge of the lid to the grill and the space from the outside edge of the lid to the grill. More like this.

I realize it is a little late since the one side is already tacked in, but just a suggestion from one artist to another.

Love waht you are doing with this one. Roll it out and get a nice 3/4 rearview and I will do quick little rendering of it. I want to see what this thing can look like when done.
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