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Default Re: Dub-N-Aire is off the paper into the garage!

Thanks fishguts on the compare to Bill Hines....but I'm not even in little league compared to his big league play!......maybe t-ball
Well, that's my comparison and I'm stickin' with it!

I've been to scores of Street Rod Nationals and regional events and some Lead Sled Nationals and watched a build by about a half dozen big name custom guys and came to realize their work is about 90% vision and 10% craftsmanship. After seeing up close what they do, I felt a lot more confident in my own skills which I always thought didn't measure up. Quality work counts (and you do nice work), but things aren't as perfect as one might assume even in the best of the best cars. Everything looks better in photographs. The really great cars are an artistic vision that becomes a piece of rolling sculpture. I think that's where you are heading.
In the end, you have to be satisfied with your own work.
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