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Default Re: Dub-N-Aire is off the paper into the garage!

Holy shit do they sound like a bunch of whining old women.

Those are the same guys that see a car they don't like at a show, with the owner/builder standing right next to it... and don't say a single word to him/her while they have the chance.

Then they get home behind their keyboards and chat away like some grandmothers' knitting group about how hurt and horrified they are of the new HOT PIECE OF ASS that just moved into their town... steamin' up and raisin' TROU with all their hubbies who THEY'VE bored with the same ole' missionary style FAT SEX (tm) they've been serving them for the last 30 years in their quaint little town of Perfectville.

Shut the hell up. No one cares if you don't like it doggy style, you tools.

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