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Default Re: Quality work? Nah

I've been fortunate in that I've always done my own work. Now comes a story of a shop repair with a happy ending. Early in the Summer of '75 I was the manager of Small Car Accessories in Sunnyvale, CA. Though at the time both my Single Cab and '71 bug sported Corvair drive trains, I had plenty of experience rebuilding VW engines. Our shop didn't have a place for vehicles, so we just built engines and tested them on a stand I'd designed.
One afternoon, a long haired guy and his girl friend walked into the shop. They were on a long road trip when their '60s VW camper van had tossed the head of the #3 exhaust valve out through the block. The local VW dealer and another local shop had quoted them a lot more money than they had to build an whole new engine. They seemed nice and we ended up pushing the bus around the back to our shops' parking area. We checked out the engine, and sure enough there was a good sized hole near the fan shroud. At our small wire fenced 'secure area' behind the shop we had shelves of used engine parts from various projects, including a couple of used and stock engine cases still in good shape.
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