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Default Re: Effigy's history

copied and pasted from my intro thread.. I thought I was posting in this thread.. haha

Well, I FINALLY got some more work done..

Not a lot, but hey, anything is a step in the right directions right?

Since the last time I posted, I got some -8 black vinyl covered AN lines and black AN fittings, re-did the oil lines from the external cooler, decided that since everything was fully apart, and my factory plugs had never been drilled out (The case is drilled and tapped for full flow, but not all the plugs were removed..) I'd have that done and have it fully cleaned, and I bought one of those shitty bugpack 36hp shrouds with no fresh air tubes or doghouse cooler. I know, stock is better, but I like how small the 36hp shrouds are, the engine just looks cleaner, and with an external filter/72fin cooler and 10" electric fan, I think I'll be fine heat wise..

I rattle canned the shroud and backing plate bright red, and it sat for a couple of weeks..

Tonight I put a "fast fab" oil cooler block off plate on. It has a trench so the oil will still flow in and out of the cooler holes on top of the case. I bought some gasket material and hand cut a gasket for it, then put some gasca cinch on the case top and one side of the gasket, let it dry, but it on, then more on the other side of the gasket and the block off, let it dry, and installed it.

Next up I put the crank back in and sat all the bearings fully, then put the lifters back, a dap of the red "break in oil" on each since they've all only been run for maybe 3 hours total..), then cam bearings, then lined up the dots and dropped the cam in.

Next I started looking at the MSD dizzy.. lost the instruction sheets so I booted up my shitty old laptop that's out there, fought with the wifi signal for a few minutes and finally downloaded the instruction sheet.

I'm going to run it with the black spacer and one small silver spring and one large silver spring.

Next I tried to install the distributor drive gear, and that's where I stopped for the night.

I forgot about the washers on it, so I think I'm either going to have to take the crank back out, slap some grease on those washers, install them then re-install everything.. or maybe put the other case half on, which will let me check to make sure everything is rotating fine, and I can put grease on the washers, put em on a screwdriver and try and drop em into place and hope they stay..

either way, it's gonna be a pain in the ass, so I decided to call it a night..

I'm also in contact to buy one of the sync link carb linkage kits.. I love how it looks and it seems to have nothing but good reviews.. friggin pricey, but I think it might be worth it. Plus, as much as I utterly HATE Jake Raby for his personality, he does seem to know a lot about engines, and he felt this was a good enough linkage that he backed it for a while when it first came out, hence why all the pics in the ad have a DTM Shroud ;P (

anywho, hopefully I can get this damn thing running again soon.. I miss my VR..

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