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Default Re: Effigy's history


We got the house, been crazy.. Genia had surgery on June 15th, then We closed June 30th, so I moved everything by myself with a 2001 Ford Escape over the course of 2 weeks (we paid half months rent at our old place) with the exception of some larger furniture that we hired the son of one of her coworkers to help me with..

Spent all of July unpacking and organizing (still doing that..) and I really haven't had much time to mess with the bug :(

I did drive it once a week ago though.. seems to be running just as bad as it was before I gave bug House money to fix it..

Current plan is to buy a compression test kit and check the compression again.. After that, I think I'm gonna pull the motor, something the mechanic said has been rubbing me wrong since I picked it up..

He was a big dude with giant hands and was complaining about how hard it was to reach some stuff.. He decided that instead of pulling the motor to pull one head to check why it had no compression, he pulled the head with the engine in the car.

I might be wrong, but I thought it was damn near impossible to properly retorque heads when the engine is installed. if that's the case, how did his giant fingers manage to do it? or is the head not on properly..

whatever, fuckin done with local shops, gonna have to suck it up and fix my shit myself like I should have $1200 ago..

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