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Default Re: Effigy's history

Still haven't gotten anyone to help me get the engine off the jack and onto the stand.. Got duty today so I'm stuck on the ship until after work tomorrow..

My garage has a finished roof, but I'm thinking about crawling into the "attic" space and drilling some holes so I can mount a chainfall hoist or even just a block and tackle to a beam and drop it through the drywall ceiling.. I'd only be able to use it with the door shut but it's better than wasting a weekend because I don't have any friends to bring over.. lol

Since I'm stuck on the ship for the day, I did some admin work instead.. made up a quick and dirty spreadsheet so I can try and crunch some numbers..

I'll check the valve lash and compression numbers as they are right now, essentially, as they left the shop I paid to fix this shit..

then redo the valve lash (he said he put it "around .006" even though I told him they are chromoly pushrods and should be loose zero.. he said it's better they be a little loose than too tight..), and check the numbers again..

Once it's torn apart I want to recalculate my compression ratio.. I have a feeling i half assed something back in 2013 when i put the engine back together.. I'm fairly certain I was careful, but I was also drinking in the garage a lot back then..

After checking the heads and valves and everything for damage, put it all back together, re do valve lash and recheck everything..

aaaand now that I printed that chart, i just remembered I wanted to also try and figure out what the torque currently is on the head nuts.. The idiot at the shop claims to have removed the 3/4 head and reinstalled it properly without taking the engine out of the car.. I gotta figure out how ot read current torque without manipulating it..
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