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Default I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

Hey guys. Iíve been absent for awhile dealing with my life. The most recent is an auto accident thatís knocked my young ass out of commission.

So Iíve been recovering for over a year 15 months now. (Iíve been doing social isolation before it was COOL!)

Iíve been able to do a few things but Iím unable to work, canít stand for too long as I have no sense of balance or sense of space, so I need to use a cane to walk, and unfortunately I am not able to drive yet.

However the spark that lit up this next project is rather simple. Iím known amongst local circles as a VW guru, so somebody was trying to sell a basket case VW project thatís been sitting forever they had no title a bunch of pats and itís been sitting since 1978. Story is the couple who had it hot rodded it up and the guy was planning on making it into a drag racer but he died and it sat on blocks.

Well I didnít get that car... even though it was a 1968 thats intact with grovy vintage fiberglass fenders and VOA wood grain interior package

However I did make a deal on something else.

400 American dollars.

I inspected the engine and it turned over smoothly but the carb was locked up. Every whole was plugged up on purpose and much to my fucking amazement it has every part on it. Thermostat flaps and thermostat, all of the tin and every bolt matches!

It also has a external oil cooler and oil filter which I suspect might be aviation use. Itís beefy and solid, and I read somewhere in the past that you old timers would use aviation surplus and parts because things werenít mail order yet.

Oh it also has an iron screamer dizzy and a bugspray Holley 2110.

Itís a single port but I donít know itís CC count itís 6 volt but the block is VW replacement without any serial numbers on it. So this thing was built up by somebody knowledgeable, hence why I took the gamble.

Oh and the plan is to turn my 1968 thatís been sitting forever into a bug truck. Iím going to call it The Ant and paint it black.
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