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Default Re: The PET THREAD...

I fixed it so they can't dig under the door, I had some old concrete window sills from when my grandpa put bay windows in there house back in the late 70's, they're 2-1/2 inches thick and I needed 64 inches long, I layed the shorter ones on the bottom and cut the 6 foot long one to length and stacked them 3 layers, then on the outside I layed twelve 12 inch square concrete pavers in 2 rows 6 in a row, on the inside I just layed a piece of plywood on the ground, so far I've only seen 1 spot where they tried to start digging, but they only got the gravel off the top, then they hit the concrete that the door frame posts are set in, no sign of them since I pushed the gravel back, but I've seen them running along the fence and under the shed, I took old socks and stuffed them with rags to the size of soft balls and soaked them in ammonia and shoved them into all the openings I could see, hopefully that will run them off, that's how I ran them out from under our front porch last year, no signs of them up front so far this year, I walk around and check every other day, as much as I'd hate to do it if they come back I'm getting out the shotgun, they ate well over half our tulips and we had planted 95 bulbs in 2016 to the 20 tulips we had, lil bastards

Looks like it will be tomorrow when the puppy gets dropped off, I was so ready today

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