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Default Re: The PET THREAD...

I know all about tails, all 3 of the basset hounds I had knocked drinks off the coffee table, broke ornaments on the Christmas trees, had to put anything breakable or light weight up
This dogs tail seems much shorter than a basset hound's, but I'm sure once he's full grown we'll hafta watch out and put stuff up
The other day I was at Walgreens to pick up some meds, on my way back to the pharmacy I went down the pet aisle and was looking at all the toys, all but one of the toys that had a squeaker in them I didn't like, then I picked up this pig, it made an obnoxious sound, so I bought it, when I gave it to him for the first time it scared the heck out of him, for 3 days he would walk as far away from it to get past it, now it's his favorite, after 15 to 20 minutes I feel like taking it and putting it up, but it's still funny watching him roll around chewing on it, here's a video

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