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Default Re: The PET THREAD...

LOL I played the video and when Shmitty barked, his bark set our Jack/Parsons Russel off. Our JR is really affectionate, he barks at everything, and in true JR behavior he has no off switch.

We adopted him from an elderly gent that my brother in law works for. The gent was going out of town for Thanksgiving and was going to board him, and he was also thinking about surrendering him to a shelter. Our JR has a thyroid condition, he takes Thyroxin 2x a day, and this condition is causing lipid deposits to build up in his eyes. And due to at least two past owners passing away had been passed around some, he was originally from Oklahoma. We didn't like the idea of him being boarded or being in a shelter. We were sadly dog-less and thought a trial dog sitting couldn't hurt, what could go wrong.... We never looked back

His name.... Jack, (really inventive, right). His former name was Russ T Jack, they called him Rusty. Rusty wouldn't have been our first choice, but given his past, we didn't want to change his name too much, so Jack it was. I'll link to a picture when I can.
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