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Cool Re: Belgian VolksRod

here is how far i'm so far..

this was the first pic i took to get an idea how it would look lower and without fenders, and i liked it
so the big problem is to get it streetlegal.. so the last months if been searching or bits and peaces of rules and laws and i'm printing out a piece of it now 133 pages of a language for the better "einsteins"..
so when that is all processed we can really get to work..

so far i've cleaned it out..


i've cleaned all the glue from the inside of the roof because i'm planning on painting it with a giant iron cross on it
(it's gonna make a hell lot of noise when it rains but who cares?)
when cleaning the body i came across a few nasty suprizes
somebody "welded" (read glued them on with a welder) some plates to cover some holes (nice work)
they come right of when i was cleaning the surface around them..

there is about a ton of polyester used on the side pannels

But hey the bottom of the car looks great

so now its all in the planning...
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