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Default Re: Belgian VolksRod

OK, been a while since the last update, the plans for the rod changed a little more then expected cause there is NO way to put it on the streets here (legally)
i did found some nasty ways, but they 're a bit to tricky (read illegal)

so if i'm gonna do it, i'm gonna do it my way, piece by piece..

but first to get my title papers and get a licenseplate it will still need to pass the small technical oldtimer inspection (in it's original condition)
so first a small resto en then

didn't took much pics of the work yet but it's body of now
just flipped the chassis to clean and paint the bottom and guess what.. al the previous paint chips of nice work you previous

gonna be a hell of a job now so it's now sideways i the (very small) garage...

so next update hopefully of a painted chassis...
trying to build a belgian VROD;
driving the YelLowBug;

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