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Default Re: Belgian VolksRod

With only 10 days to go before our event i rolled out top the tech center to get it checked out, it's all or nothing cause i need to get my insurance and license plates before the event and it takes about 5 days (and the don't work weekends) .
got there, pretty smooth ride, wich calmed me down a little to find a big line of waiting cars so i joined them.
i think in about 2 minutes about 5 to 10 people walked up to me and the car, complementing me, wishing me luck and started taking about the bugs they used to own or known...
then the control guy calls me in front of the whole row cause it's a minor oldtimercheckup, and there we go..

note; it's already lowered in the back cause i didn't want to do this job twice and it is stock hight in front cause lowered cars usually get the famous "red card"
so it looked quite like a gasser.
this leads to some controll-guy-humour..; damn this car is so high in front and low in the back ! which i reply "idunno it's al stock " and the second guy opens the rear decklid and answers " ow i see they've put the engine in the trunk, thats why..."
after some laughing and some checks of papers,brakes and steering i ride out to find my "GREEN" papers at the register !!!

trying to build a belgian VROD;
driving the YelLowBug;

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