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Default Re: V8Transporter's V8 Single Cab

Many thanks to Ron who posted the photos for me. If you haven't guessed, I still haven't figured how to do it myself. But, I was able to e-mail him photos via my i Phone. Ms. Purp, I can hear you snickering from here.
I bought the 'at the time badly banged up' '58 Single Cab off a used car lot a few weeks after I came home from Vietnam in late 1971. At the time she ran a 1200cc 36 hp. In '74 or so I swapped in a '65 110 hp Corvair powertrain including the IRS. In '79 I began the Ford V8 swap. By mid-81 I had her up and running with the current 351 Ford, T-98 truck four speed (has compound low) and 9" Ford with 3.00:1 gears. Front end is a much modified '71 VW Type II with power disc brakes. I located Ford rear wheel cylinders with the same bore and rear VW's so it worked out well.
There's a certain irony in that with the 36 hp she topped out at 50 mph and got me 17 to 18 mpg. With the V8 I've towed a 22' sailboat at 65. See an old photo in the 'Crazy Bastard' posts. Freeway mileage is 22 mpg.
Because of comments by the occasional VW 'purist' I welded in VW hub cap centers into the stock Ford steel valve covers.
The 'wind up key' was for a local parade a few years back. It spins via a old Nissan windshield wiper motor inside the metal housing fastened to the engine cover. It's controlled by a toggle switch between the seats. The 'key' unplugs and lifts out so I can tilt the cover up. And yup, I get some strange looks at times.
I drew the cartoon of the truck back in '80 when I had a small sign and graphics shop in a nearby town. I still hand out copies of it and some of my other 'toons for kids to color.
After over a year of frustrating tinkering and head banging, with the new fuel tank, fuel pump, another carb and new MSD ignition she's back on the road. Last Saturday at our local car show I won the 'Rat Rod' trophy.
Thanks again to Ron for posting the photos for me.
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