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Default Re: V8Transporter's V8 Single Cab

One funny thing about dropping a Nail head into the Ford coupe was that using a twenty-five dollar Offy adapter to fit the stock Ford drive train, the Buick starter wouldn't fit. It interfered with the Ford box steering by about a half-inch, or so. There was an adapter available which moved the starter to the passenger side, but it cost over a hundred bucks. This was in '64, I was fifteen, and didn't have that kind of money. A mechanic who lived across the street told his son that I'd never get the old coupe running because dropping a Buick or Olds V8 into a Ford didn't work because of the starter issue. Even the guys at Goodie's Speed Shop were baffled.
While I'd designed and built my own engine mounts, had about everything but the starter in place, I was stumped. Then I was staring at the offending steering box and saw that the mounting bracket was attached to the frame with four large rivets. After drilling out the rivets, I tapped then bracket forward until I could mount the starter. I drilled four new holes and used bolts to hold it to the frame. Moving the box forward caused to the end of the steering arm to contact the tie rod. After some carefully measuring, I pulled the steering rod and at a friends, used his dad's torch to heat and bend the arm slightly so it would clear. You should have seen the look on the mechanics face when he came over after I'd started up the Buick, and backed the car out into our driveway.
This was a real learning experience for me. My dad had told me early on that, "when someone tells you that it can't be done, it's because they can't do it."
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