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Default Re: Look what followed me home yesterday...

Today was a problem solving day. We located the very annoying, ever present rattle. Found it to be in the rear engine mount, not the exhaust/heater/preheater assembly. So, we removed the right rear mount and inspected it. Nothing seemed out of place or broken, so we started the engine with a jack stand acting as that mount. Rattle gone!
So, we decide to pull the left rear mount and compare to the right. All is well. So, we switch the mounts side to side to see IF the issue moves. Nope! So, after more head scratching and diagnosing, we realize the rattle goes away when applying pressure to the right side of the exhaust. Hmmmm... decision time. We decide to raise the right side of the engine, shim the right side mount at the body. Bingo! Rattle gone!!!
After that, we determined my acc pump rods are set too long. So, tomorrow I will pull the carbs, shorten the throw, pull the spark plugs and clean/gap/or replace and try a different set of pkug wires to see if I can lose this warmed up, high speed miss. Getting closer!
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