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Default Re: Look what followed me home yesterday...

Alright. Finally have my misfire, hesitation fixed!

Trying to be methodical in my work (I know, right?) I did one thing at a time and tested.
1st, adjust valves. No change.
2nd, change plugs. No change.
3rd, replace plug wires. No change.
4th, change cap. No change.
5th, replace rotor. No change.
6th, check fuel again. No change.
After 3, 4 and 5 I put the old parts back in.

7th, my sneeking suspicion, though rare... replace the condenser. Bingo! All high speed misses, hesitations are gone.
I know they normally work or don't, but if you have a mystery miss, this could be your issue
I think, in 30 years of VWs, this is only my 2nd partially failed condenser.
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