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What happens when you take 3 Killer VOLKSRODS to one of the biggest Car Events this side of the Mississsppi? You take the show of course!!
Carl came in from Spartanburg thursday, with his Hood Rat and came by the shop to help us out with Boos BugTruck so we would have it all in one peice to take it to the show. While he was there we helped him hook up his steering shaft so he could drive his Hood Rat around while he was there.. so what he didnt have any brakes, it would run & drive We would just have to do without that little fuction for awhile. He did have one little mishap but I'll let him tell you about it when he replies to this post. We kept a Crowd all weekend long, we had people asking us where the VOLKSRODS booth was, if we were VOLKSRODS.COM, if we had any VOLKSROD shirts for sale, if we had any beam extentions for sale, if we had any VOLKSROD decals for sale, it was CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!!! We are already planning the next big weekend this fall at the Charlotte Auto Fair in Sept. Then the GOODGUYS show in Oct.
We had one HELL of a weekend Representing VOLKSROD and taking our sport of to a new level!! CHECK OUT THE PICS
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