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Default Re: Get it out of your system

Well, I finally got some time to work on my volksrod and wanted to post an update in here. However, it ended up turning out like one of those days.

So on Friday I decided to try and finish up the cowl steering on the car which meant that I had to finish modifying my adapter from the steering box through the cowl where the pitman arm would attach. After doing so everything was attached and ready to steer except the drag link going to the front steering arm. This item came with the entire front end that I bought from Pete & Jakes 2 years ago which was setup for a '32 Ford. The thing is that I had to cut that drag link to length and rethread the end. So I installed the left handed thread side (so I wouldn't cut that end), set it in place, figured the dimension and marked it for the cut. After cutting it, cleaning up the end and getting ready to thread, I find that I don't have the correct tap which I thought would be 3/4-16 for the rod end. I did have a die to run down on the rod end and found that it didn't go on quite so easily. After checking the catalog I find that the rod end is actually an 11/16-18 and what do you know, it's a size that just isn't readily available. Where does that leave me you ask, sitting there with everything but the rod end connected to the pitman arm. I'm going to check at work tomorrow to see if I can get the tap but if not, I think I'm going to go see if I can get a similar 3/4-16 rod end and replace it since I can get that tap. I'll post pictures later this afternoon of the setup as it stands.

Aside from getting my front end wrapped up, I also did the Fonzie modification on the rear trailing arms! Thanks for that tip Fonzie, it went really well. I just need to get these powder coated and they are ready to go.
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