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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So today I took off the crank pulley to see if I was able to tell if the oil slinger is on backwards, it looks like it's on the right way.

Next I checked the pulley diameters, both the inside hole which fits over the crank as well as the outside diameter of the pulley which fits into the case.
The inside of the pulley is about 0.008" bigger than a stock steel pulley, and the outside diameter is about 0.010" smaller than the original pulley.
So maybe it could be the slop it has when put over the end of the crank, or the outside diameter being a few thousands smaller letting oil out and slinging it everywhere

I have been using the aluminum pulley for as long as I can remember, I bought it back in 1986 and put it on every VW I had and never developed an oil leak, so maybe the outside just wore out over the years enough to let oil out.
I wonder if I could cut an o-ring groove inside the aluminum pulley so IF the oil is seeping thru the bigger bore the o-ring may stop it. I don't know but what the hell it's only a pulley I could make a new one if I want.

I was reading in a book I have and it says something I think about the threads inside the crank that hold the pulley on can let oil thru and it slings everywhere.

I could machine the rear end of the case for an oil seal while the engine is still assembled, I just need to find the right size seal as well as make a setup so I can bolt the case onto the ways and then use a tool and bore it to size and depth.

Pop's, I checked the National seal number and it says it has an inside diameter of 1.940" whith an outside diameter of 2.505" and a thickness of 0.250". The end of the crank is 1.960" so I could use that seal if I cut a 1/4 inch deep bore of 2.500" diameter and there is plenty of material to cut for this seal.

I also took a empty engine case with cylinders and heads mounted on, I used it to bolt into my Buggy when I modified the back of the chassis so I made sure there was plenty of clearance for the exhaust and all the other parts. Anyhow I set it up on my lathe so I can get started making a setup to cut the rear of the case for a seal.

I also plan to mount the case onto the carriage and build a cutter so I can align-bore the case, I will make a cutter that mounts between centers and has 4 cutters to cut the main bearing journals as well as a cutter to cut the thrust on the #1 main, then make another cutter so I can cut the rear for a seal as well.

I do have a rather crude setup using my mock up case to show how it will be done, it's gonna take a while to get everything fabricated and tested on an old case which is not usable, but I will get it finished at least 3 years from now, or longer, it depends on how busy I can keep myself.

Here is the picture of a complete engine except it has nothing inside sitting on my lathe waiting for me to start fab'n a mounting bracket for the case and a cutting tool to bore all the bearing journals

It's just blocked up so it is close to being in line with the pipe I have chucked and the center is in the tail stock end.

Another project in the works

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