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Default Re: Effigy's history

well holy shit... it's been almost half a year since I updated...

We moved to Maryland in June, got our Virginia house on the market now, hopefully someone buys it son, two mortgages on one income sucks.. wife is looking for work, but everyone requires a degree, she's got tons of experience but no degrees.. I've been driving the bug regularly again. it seems to be running really god right now. But I think maybe my o2 sensor is either bad or not reading correctly.. by my guesstimates, I've got both carbs jetted crazy rich (I forget exactly what's in there, but I know I have 60 idles in, I want to say 200ACs and 115 Mains..) but the wideband guage says "AIR" probably 90% of the time, "Lean" about 8% and somewhere between 13 and 15 AFR the other 2%.. those random readings tell me it's jetted right, but for some reason it doesn't read consistently.. going to be checking over the exhaust when I get a chance to see if something isn't tightened down at the exhaust ports maybe, allowing fresh air to be sucked into the flow and screwing with the numbers. The rest of the pipes are slip fit, and tighter than a mother fucker, so I know there's no leaking at the joints.

I've also noticed my oil temp stays between 120 and 180, so I'm not overheating oil. and my cylinder temps are all between 150 and 290F. I'm guessing it has something to do with the missing engine tin, but cylinders 1 and 4 seem to run hotter than 2 and 3 most of the time.. which struck me as odd because they are opposite corners.. normally 1 and 4 are in the 250-270 range while 2 and 3 are around 180-220.. I know having that big of a temp disparity can't be healthy, but it sounds great, runs hard, and is too much fun to stress out now.. i'll do that when it explodes :P

anyway, I gotta get to work.. I'll try and update more later.

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