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Default Re: painting an engine case

I have always painted mine. I've never had heating issues. The only one that I had the paint peel on was one that sat in a baja for the twelve years I owned in. And my most recent engine was built in '99 and painted with NASON GM White (I believe the code is LM001) and it's still looking good and holding up fine to this day.

I'm not a "concourse freak" and pretty much anyone here who knows their ass from a hole in the ground knows how I feel about "samba asses".....

Actually, if you paint the case and then apply a high quality wax to the clear coat, mud, dirt, grease, and such things are easier to wash off and thus your engine "can" run cooler and last longer.

The biggest reason for most people not wanting to paint the case is that they believe that an air cooled engine can't be painted. This is not true. The case does very little of the cooling. The jugs and heads do the majority of the cooling.

But what do I know....
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