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Default Finally started the General Vee

I have been tossing this around for some time. I have been torn between a baja (which I started with) or a rod of sorts. So I have decided to blend aspects of the two together. I have a bunch of house work to do before I can get this baby started. But I think I will take a weekend and get it stripped down. The body is almost 100% straight. Won't need much to get ready. Hardly any rust. Link pin front, type 3 rear. I have been wavering between a hard topped window less style and a carson style. The jury is still out. I am going to take some cues from the Kubel as far as extra equipment. Kind of a survivalist recreational vehicle. It wont be dumped, but lowered. The orange looking stuff will be a Copper paint and alot of stuff will be hammer formed copper simply riveted to the chassis. I am not sure if the paint will be flat or gloss. Just wanted to share the rendering.


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