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Default Re: I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Ouch! Well at least you still have a VolksRod to mess with and your sense of humor is intact. Plus the starter/solenoid 12 and 6 volt combo has me completely confused. Which these days isnít that difficult. Maybe switch to a 9 volt system?
The 12 with a 6 volt solenoid is mainly so I can store the parts easier and not lose anything. The main thing I wanted was a 12 volt solenoid on a 6 volt starter that way the gear would work with the flywheel.

Reasoning is you can use a 6 volt solenoid but it has a higher chance of grinding teeth because things are really spinning fast.

Oh my engine test stand half ring arrived with its 12 and 6 volt bushing

It was the easiest install ever. So easy Iím paranoid and terrified that something isnít right. It was toooo easy. Working with cars is never supposed to be this easy? What is this madness!?
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So JiI is an older DrHax? are sooo fucked!
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