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Originally Posted by 1slo3
john, how about using bay bus air intakes under the rear window for the air supply?
I already know what I want to do for the air intakes. The concept is posted somewhere in this thread.

Found it.....This is the concept for the air intake....

So, I made some more progress tonight and took some pictures....

These are the filler panels I worked on yesterday.

and today I left work a little early and worked on the rear decklid. I liked someones suggestion of a recessed or frenched license plate spot on the decklid, so....

I cout out the recessed area on an old Squareback liftgate and sectioned it to the right width to match up with the license plate light trim piece that I have.

I cut a matching hole in the decklid and got it all tacked in place. I am liking the results.

The light housing ends up a little proud of the main surface of the decklid. I plan to add a small raised bump to match the contour of the housing and then fade it into the lid. Should end up looking sweet.
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