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Default Re: Der Straßenkratzer

Yesterday, I posted about the tie-rod problem which is driving me nuts. Without the tie-rod end completely threading into the tie-rod, it robs me of steering adjustment.

I'm having a hard time finding a threader to fix the tie rod, so, if anyone has a threader (the coveted LH thread) tool that they could lend out to me, it would be uber appreciated.

Here's a pic of the steering box swap, after I cut off the steering dampener:

Here's a pic of the luggage area, that is completely gutted. I made the mistake of cutting right through it - not cutting it out, when I started the chop. I have an idea about filing it with sheet metal and adding in a panel that I can remove to access the rear suspension and clutch cable without crawling under the car. I'll be working with that area after I finish the rear suspension crap.

Feels like my cold is starting to go away, which means I can get back to working on my car real soon.

EDIT: S'more pics that I uploaded from the camera:

Tearing apart the axles

Pitted C/Vs

Cut off the dampener bracket:

Not the straightest cuts doing the "Letherman Chop", so I have to cut out pieces and weld in filler plates
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