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Default Jeeze, it's been a while...

Finally got over a cold that seemed to last several weeks longer than expected.

The Cafe bike was finished up last week after the headache of lacing and truing the new rim, and not to forget, getting the tire mounted, then eventually balanced. The progress has been posted in the motorcycle thread, but I figured why not post here too.

Here's the story:
After getting the 16" Harley rim and spokes dissasembled from the hub, I gave it a good cleaning before lacing up the new 19" wheel to it. After spending a couple hours lacing the new spokes, I took the wheel across the street to an motorcycle shop specializing in motocross bikes, only to have go back and pick up the rim since the guy couldn't figure out how to the get the lace trued. After several attempts of getting the guy to do it, I took it upon myself, with no truening experience. After sleeping on for the night, I realized that the rim was offset of the hub, making the truening nearly impossible. I flipped the rim/hub on the opposite side that I laced the wheel with and got the rim centered and started tightening the nipples down. At that point, I felt that it would be best to have a pro true the wheels, and the guy at the bike shop across the street turned me down for the last time.

Fuck it, I'll do it myself. I attached a straightened paper clip to one of the rear springs and after 6-7 hours, the wheel was finally trued; radially AND axially. I gathered up the tire, tube, and rim strip to a bike shop in Coachella that I have frequented since childhood (thank god they are still in business). 30 min later my tire was mounted and I left. After assembling the wheel on the bike, I noticed that the wheel wasn't balanced.
I took it back down to the bike shop and had it balanced. FINALLY, it was finished. Just to let you know, I gave a shortened version of the story since I don't have enough time to go through every detail, plus, I've probably lost your interest a paragraph ago and now you're busy looking at the pics...

Now for the final product:

Avons, baby!

After that whole mess, I've stumbled across a continuing problem with my points (just one set, and they're brand new). I've been adjusting them every other day so far. No one seems to make quality parts these days, and good parts are hard to find.
When the points are on, the bike hauls SERIOUS ass... even though it's 30+ years old. I forgot to mention, I installed new brake shoes for the rear after the previous set decided to stop working on a ride home from work.

Enough with this tomfoolery, I say, on to the progress with the v-rod...

I got one set of axles rebuilt with new boots and grease and I need to order another c/v to finish the other axle. The lever arm shocks (from a '40 chevy) I picked up at the Pomona swap meet months ago, are finally getting installed. These guys:

I bought a 4x12x1/4 steel plate and half'd it to make pieces that will be welded to the frame head that the shocks will bolt to. I also did more work to the swing axle spring plate conversion, getting the plates cut down, shaped and drilled.

I'll remember to take my camera home and get a good amount of fotos for ya.

More updates soon.
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