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Default Re: Der Straßenkratzer

Finally finished up the rear suspension conversion from the IRS spring plates and torsions to the swing-axle spring plates and torsions. Doing so gave me plenty more tire clearance and also made the channeling process a bit less complicated.

Here's the basic the process:
I cut off one end of the double spring plate and used it as a guide to drill the holes.

After measuring several times, I marked where the holes will be and started drilling.
Finished product:

The lever shocks that I'm planning on running were in need of cleaning and new gaskets. I went down to the local AutoZone and picked up a roll of cork gasket material and got the the shocks sealed up.

I used some 20w fork oil for my motorcycle in the shocks, which good to say, works! The gaskets are holding up nice, but the only problem is that the shocks are way to stiff to use on the front suspension. Also the shocks need to be mounted a way that makes attaching the arms to the torsion arms a very difficult task. I might just pick up a set of Armstrong lever shocks for the front and use the other shocks for the rear.

Here's my "new" steering column/ box/ and wheel that I picked up at the Pomona Swap Meet last Sunday for a mere $40 bucks.

Gonna look sooo fucking cool!

Steering box works perfect!

I'll be running a single drag link from the pitman arm to one spindle and running a separate tie rod to both spindles, hot rod style. The only problem is finding a drag link to work with the steering box. I'm scouring eBay and might have stumbled on a few parts that might work.

I've started clearancing the rear fender wells to fit over the torsion housing for the channel job and also trimmed up the front firewall as well. Hopefully I'll be able to run down to the local steel supply to get some sheet metal to fill in the luggage area.

A basic "before" shot.

Started smoothing out the ash tray area.

More updates later.
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