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Not much to update on. I haven't really done any work to the v-rod in a couple weeks since my bike is out of commission due to some very necessary repairs plus the lease on my apartment was ending and I had to spend a lot of time looking for a new place with a garage. I found a studio in my same apartment complex that I can afford, and I still get to keep my garage. Once I get my stuff moved (around a week or two), I can getting some more work done on the car.

Since replacing the rear tire and rim, I've been wanting to replace the front tire as well, due to my paranoia that it will blowout on the freeway (old and cracking tire). I stripped down the front wheel to re-lace and replace the tire but as soon as the tire came off, I noticed just as much rust and rot as the rear rim; not good. This meant a new rim.

I bought, and received (Friday) a new rim off of eBay from an old Kawasaki (same size rim) which is in nearly perfect condition. A little polish here an there will make it look brand new. I'll get the re-lacing and truening done this week.

I was having MAJOR ignition malfunctions with the old, stock coils and crappy Honda knock-off points and condensers. I spent the $50 bucks for a new points plate, which replaces both condensers, points, and wiring. I put that on the same night I received it in the mail but it turned out the coil for cylinders 2-3 went kaput. It sucks since the coils I have on now were off my dad's bike. So, I took the 1-4 coil that originally came with the bike and mated it with my dad's coils - both 1-4 now. I went to start it up and realized that it was still running on 2 cylinders, but was fuel related. I wasn't getting any fuel to cylinders 1-2 since they are both fed by a single fuel hose. I popped open my fuel tank.... and there I found the problem, my tank is EMPTY. It WAS full when I parked the bike, which means some DICKLESS WONDER siphoned my fuel.

Now I have to go down to the gas station and pick up some new fuel. I did get cylinders 1-2 running, but with carb cleaner - so they do work now. I have the timing set without the use of a timing light.

Once I make the trip to the motorcycle shop to get my new tire mounted and balanced, I'll also make a stop at the local parts store to get some new fuel line. Turns out the line I installed is swelling up to much and cutting down on the amount of fuel the float bowls are getting, which is why the bike runs out of fuel on the freeway.

I'll post some pictures on the next update.
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