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Default CB750 Cafe Project

After weeks of getting parts and hours of tinkering, my bike is back on the road.

After the timing plate swap, the bike purrs and no longer has a miss at idle. I also did a couple things here and there to help get the best performance, like: installed bigger size fuel line (hopefully will end the fuel starvation at prolonged highway speeds). Also bumped the 130 main jets to a bigger 135 jets to stop the momentary lean condition when accelerating. The bigger jets also boosted mid-WOT and passing power. Last but not least, the new rim/spoke/tire mounted.

I took the tire yesterday for mounting and balancing, which the tire needed NO balancing whatsoever. I pulled about 80-85mph on the freeway today and had not a single wobble. Now for some pics.

Laced up Kawasaki rim (same size rim as stock Honda - 1.85x19)

Nearly perfect condition rim.

How she looks now:

I found out that my brother's roommate owns a 1970 Suzuki 2cyl, 2 stroke cafe bike, so I raced him down Hwy 111 to the liquor store to buy booze, and to clean the carbon off my spark plugs...

Me and my CB on the left and Dustin and his 'Zuki on the right.

Now that I got my bike running again, and after I get moved to my new apartment at the end of this month means I can get crackin' on the volksrod again.
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