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Default Das Straßenzerstörer

I had to search back to page 5 to find my thread; been a while.

Since I've been working two jobs - or 6 days a week, I don't have much time to get any major progress done, but I have made some progress.
The biggest hurtle is achieving adequate clearance for the body drop, around the wheel wells and luggage area. The rear wheels are pretty tall: 31" that requires a slight tub around the tire and room for the spring plate caps if I decide to adjust the height at time in the future. The stock wheel wells are gone, and in place will be 16g sheet that will be a "mini tub" that follows the shape of the tire. The body is raised with 2x4s under the heater channels to give me room to work around the heater channels.

After the channelling is finished, I'll be able to finish the front roof chop (doors are welded shut and I would have to craw through the windshield opening to do any interior body work). I fabricated several "guides" that are spot welded to the inside of the windshield and door posts that will allow me to weld the roof on without a lot of trouble.

I made the rounded inserts by welding 16g sheet to a piece of 3/8 tubing and hammering the metal around the curve. The 3/8 tubing had a piece of scrap 1/8 x 1 x 4 metal to use as a "handle". I don't have the adequate room to use a vice, so it's all rigged up, but it works great.

The square "guides" were formed using 1" square stock instead of the round tubing; also worked great.

Welded in and ready to rock:

I haven't done much with the bike except for the tune up work I did yesterday - oil change, points readjustment (Honda factory points kick soo much ass and have stayed relatively precise since I installed them months ago ), fixed the exhaust leak (speed bumps SUCK) and fixed a vacuum leak on the carbs by putting a small amount of brake fluid on the old rubber seals to swell and seal them up a bit.

That's it for this update. Depending on my schedule working at Mitch's bike shop, I might be able to squeeze in a couple productive nights and have a better update next time.

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