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Holy hell, it's been a while since my last update. I had no work yesterday, which gave me some time to FINALLY get more work done on the v-rod.
I started out by cutting out the other wheel well (passenger side) so I can start gaining clearance for the rear tire to fit.

Small tangent here...
I've been lucky enough to be able to work with Mitch at his motorcycle shop, which I have gained so much knowledge and have been honing my fabrication skills to the level that he needs and that I can go home and use the same skills on my own project.

That being said, I noticed how crappy my old work has been turning out so I spent most of yesterday redoing the sections behind the rear 1/4 windows and began working on the interior panels behind the 1/4 windows as well. I'll take some pictures tonight or tomorrow and get them posted.

Here's how shitty it looked before (I know, I'm cringing too)

On top of the chop and channel work, I have additional things that I want to accomplish:
1) Finish chop and major body work, the NARROW the body an additional 2-4 inches! I want the rear tires to sit outside of the body and be able to drop the body down and have tires sit above the main body line.

2) Add a Ford deuce styled trunk lid for the engine compartment, like so:

3) Relocate the e-brake to the outside (if possible). The cabin will be a very tight fit with the shifter and seats inside.
Here's the e-brake I picked up at the Pomona Swap Meets several months ago:

4) Pop out front window (similar to Nick's runtrod). I happened to find a table that someone tossed in the dumpster and I figured I could use the "slide lock" things to hold the windshield open. Not bad for a freebie.

I'll do my best to keep things updated since I want my damn car on the road already.

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