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Default Re: Der Straßenkratzer

How would I go about reviving a build thread that has gone old and gray....

by announcing that work will resume on the once hot-topic, closely watched, much inquired about project! Now with better tools, added patience, and MORE FUCKING SWEARING.

Started the project off by unloading the amassed selection of old parts, new parts, unrelated parts, cobwebs, and sand. Once the car was thoroughly cleaned and blessed, sheet metal work commenced above the doors, filling in the roof gap with scrap metal cut from a donor bug. Today gave me a chance to warm up to TIG welding again with my 175 Lincoln, which makes sheet welding a breeze, but a lengthy process.

Also, I spent a good half-hour tearing out the now-stupid looking TALL shifter and took a good THREE FUCKING FEET out of the center and welding it back together. Now, it wont drag my knuckles on the ceiling while I shift. Much body work, rear suspension work, and engine work will need to be done, but with my motorcycle in need of a new tire tube, I have some free time to dick around in the garage and drinkin' beer.

Next major task that will be completed is channeling. I go back and forth with deciding that the car "looks fine", but only out of sheer laziness. No more will that discourage me from taking a grinder and some filler rod to make this car into a rolling set of tits. After that, I'll be attempting to take a set of Harley shocks, or coilovers and fit them to the rear, eliminating the torsion bar set up, and hopefully engineer upper shock mounts that will allow the ride height to be adjusted by moving the bolt position. Gears are turning.

I know pictures are still probably a must if I require your attention longer than 2 minutes, hell you're probably already scrolling past looking for them, but don't worry, they're coming. Here's my last project, though not 10% done, it's got a couple thousand miles on her and runs like a raped ape.

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