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Default Re: how to's for the forums

this is something I learned from one of the mods who was nice enough to tell me~ maybe you know, but I didn't~

to grab a pic from else where on the web,
put your mouse over the pic,
rt click, at the bottom is properties, click that

highlight the address and copy it

click the little yellow box above, paste link in there, ok, now your pic should show up.

Sometimes you'll see lil red x's on pic brought over on these pics, means the web is in confusion or something like that site is being worked on. As long as the address doesn't change, the pic will be there.
There are also sites that do not allow using their pics and they will be blocked, sorry.
But the pic can still be seen, we just c/p your link to a browser window and we can see it then. Some sites just don't like to share .

Another lil tip, when posting your pics, please press [enter] between your links, other wise your pics and text will run off most peoples monitors.

[img] link [img] (enter)
you can even text between them
pic (enter)
pic (enter)

only pics you can't type between are attachments, they show up on the bottom of your post in a group.
hope this helps~
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