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Default Re: how to post pics

There is something new in some online accts, photobucket is what I use and they have added this feature recently~
In your list of links under your picture, you will see "IMG Thumb". When this is pasted in a post, a small thumbnail will be shown, then folks can click on it to see a bigger picture. This is helpful to the many on slow connections or if you have many pics in a post.

Here is an example (this is a broken link to show what the link will look like when you paste it) no need to click the 'add pic' icon either.

[url= IMG][/IMG[/URL

this is the actual view~

click the pic for a larger view showing the link in the photobucket list.
This will also take folks to your photobucket album. Not sure if it does this in other hosts~

(I have only these links showing in my acct, but there are other links available, for email and IM, and websites and blogs. These are just my personal preferences )

I don't have accts in other hosts but I think you get the idea ~

Any problems just ask thru a pm
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