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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by Daddy o's 67 View Post
Ron for front fender mounts check out the Can-Am Spyders. Might give you some more ideas on how to mount yours or just confuse you even more.
Thank ya, I looked at them, basically what all the other cars have that I looked at are done, I still haven't looked a Prowler, but I think I have my mind made up on how I'm gonna hang them

Since putting on the lowered spindles I can use 2 longer bolts that hold the disc brake calipers brackets on or backing plates on drum brake, then use them with nuts to mount the fender brackets there

I have also thought about putting some wheel spacers on to push them out about an inch so I can use a straight piece to go from the spindle to the fenders, with the wheels where they are the brackets need to be curved, but if I do it right that way it would look so much better

And here are 2 pics of my master cylinder reservoir I constructed using what I had laying around, well until I needed to off set it and bought two 45 degree fittings a pipe nipple and then the plug/cap

I may just keep it this way, I think it looks kinda cool

I can't tell if it's leaking, or if the fluid is just splashing out the top because I didn't screw the plug in tight so I can get it off if I need top add to it, I need to wipe it clean with something and then drive around to see if it's coming from the top of one of the other pipe threads

Now I need to come up with a fuel gauge, I'm tired of putting gas in it everyday and using a stick, I have the gauge out of my 66 bug, but mounting the float to the poly tank I have kinda creates a problem

I'd hafta cut a hole in the plastic tank and make some way to mount it without causing a leak, thinking about making a piece with the tanks radius and a flange with a bolt pattern to bolt it to the tabk with a gasket, then the top have the mounting flange for the stock float mechanism on the top

Think it would be worth trying?

I'd hate to cut a hole in it and it not work

Any suggestions or ideas anyone?

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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