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Default Re: I aquired another VW

edit - Oki I'll just edit this at the begining, I did another search here and on Google using the words Header Wrap and I think it is what I'm looking for, I'll keep on searching

Well I was told not to cut the poly fuel tank so I'll hafta A- get one of the clear poly tanks so I can see how full it is before running it out of gas again, but I have only had that happen 2 times now in about 5 months, or B- make some sort of float gauge into the fuel cap so I can see how full it is without using a welding rod, it works nice because the gas leaves a nice line on the flux coating, I tried other things but it's tough to see where the line is

I also just finished up my full flow oil filter today (no pic's yet still on my phone) I started it and let it run for about 20 minutes to make sure it wasn't gonna start leaking oil, it didn't start yet but, (yes the BUT word, like the P/O stories, "it runs great BUT it needs a good tune up") yeah right how can it run great if in need of a tune up

I'll find out at 3:30 am when I gotta get up and take my son to work, it's only a 14 mile round trip so that will be my test drive. The only parts I bought was the remote filter adapter and the oil pump cover, I have never put on of these on a dual carb'd engine and didn't even give it a thought about the air filter, I couldn't get it back on after I hooked the oil lines up
So I went digging thru my pipe fitting and found everything except one 3/8 inch 90 degree elbow, I had to use a 3/4 inch to 1/4 inch adapter where the oil enters back into the case then put a 1/4 inch elbow there and I had an oil line which had a 3/8 pipe fitting end for the filter adapter and 1/4 inch on the other end to fit the 1/4 inch elbow

I filled it with 3 quarts of oil like I always did which over fills it by .4 of a quart, (my VW book says they hold 2.6 quarts of oil) I ended up adding almost 1 full quart of oil to get it completely full, I'm gonna pull the oil screen out after about 100 miles and clean it just in case any chips got into the case while drilling and tapping the main oil galley plug for the return line from the oil filter

I took my oil sending unit out and installed a fitting (1/8 inch to 1/4 inch pipe fitting and hooked up my compressor to it so it blows all the chips out while drilling and tapping it, it's tough to tell whether any went into the oil passage, but when I pulled the oil pump cover off to install a plug to make the oil come out the pump cover, anyhow a few chips had fallen into the oil pump, but it had to come out anyway so it wasn't a problem

Since I have already typed a short story book I may as well add one more thing
My headers started cracking at the bend just after the mounting flange, I tried some of that muffler tape to fix it a few months ago and it didn't work it just got brittle and broke off in little pieces, so, I Googled to see if there is someplace that sells some type of ceramic coating tape that you wrap around your exhaust pipes and I only found ceramic coated header exhaust which is already put around the pipes, so maybe I didn't search for the correct thing, anyone have any ideas on what I should type in and search for?
I might just be using the wrong wording so I tied a few other things which didn't show anything like I'm looking for.

I have some Kaowool (ceramic fiber insulation) I used it for my foundry furnaces as well as lined my forge with it.
I may try to wrap that around the cracked section and then wrap that with some of that real metal duct tape, I did wrap a piece around another part of the header pipe to see how it would react from the heat, well it started smoking and burnt all the adhesive off and then the metal tape just loosened up and pulled right off after it was running for the 20 minutes when checking to see if my oil filter and fittings were leaking

I may try the Kaowool to see if it keeps from burning the adhesive from the tape. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the stuff I hope it works because I have no idea what it's called, my son brought it home from work, he's starting his Pipe Fitters Apprentice program a week from Labor day for the company he works for, he calls it "Real" duct tape

Well I suppose I won't get to bed by 10:30 tonight like I had planned

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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