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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by RickIntihar View Post
Hey Ron, where did you get that front bumper from? I've been looking for something like that for a back bumper and haven't had any luck.
I bought the "Buggy" bumpers from some one on here, it's been a while now and I forget who it was

I got them as a set, front and rear, I just haven't gotten around to mounting the one on the rear yet

As for my Poly fuel tank I can do 1 of two different ideas, the easiest is to modify a cap with a gauge of some sort on it, then take a piece of 16 gauge sheet metal about 1 inch wide and a bit shorter than the tank is deep (10 inch diameter) give it a nice even twist, then attach 2 round pieces to the inside of the cap with the twisted pieces between the 2 round rods, get a piece of cork and cut a slot in it so it goes up and down the twisted part and turns a needle in the cap showing whether it is full or empty. I had a riding mower years ago which had a gauge in the cap like this

My other option would be to use the stock cable operated gauge from my 66 bug, take the sending unit (float) and cut a hole in the center of the poly tank then make a mount so I can mount the stock float inside my poly tank without it leaking
I'd need to cut a hole a bit larger than the float, then make some sort of flat spot like on the top of an original Bug fuel tank to bolt the float to, I could J/B-Weld something in it then make a flange and screws and gaskets to keep it from leaking, hell the original doesn't have but a paper gasket where it mounts to the original steel tank

I'll come up with something, I have been using a stick, but if I forget to stick the tank just once before going someplace I most likely will run out of gas, hell I do it in a car that has a working fuel gauge in it, i just never look at it until it's on E, and as soon as I look at it, the dadgum car runs out within the next 30 seconds

Like I said I'll make something work

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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