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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Not to much to talk about with the V-Rod other than trying to fill in all the sheet metal up front under the hood, my dadgum little mig elder is acting funny again so I had to use the BIG stick welder, I suck at stick welding until I have spent about 3 hours welding and by the time my welds start looking better and better I'm finished for the day.
Plus whenever starting with a new welding rod it wiggles all over the place do to my shakiness, once about half the rod is gone the shakiness gets less and less, I sometimes cut my welding rods in half so it's not so much of a fight from shaking and getting the pod stuck on anything near what I'm welding
Here's a few pictures and I'll just update this post with the pictures of the bottom sheet metal so I can put a spare tire up there, I so hate driving around without a spare tire and jack, maybe I should just put tubes in all my tires that way I can just break a bead then pull the tube out and patch that and be on my way, I even have a spark plug made up to screw into a spark plug hole and run your engine on 3 cylinders and fill your tire with 1 cylinder, I need to put that in my car today

A few pics now and a few more wil be aded later tonight if I get time

B'd, B'd, B'd, that's all folks

for now anyways

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